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Propositions was influenced by a combination of many elements. Some straight forward, while others were so left-wing, I was even baffled sometimes wondering where the ideas came from.

When I started writing this book two years ago, I was going through the phase of high school and university reunions and catching up with friends I had not seen in a very long time. I was faced with meeting old boyfriends, girlfriends and intrigued by the life choices we had all made to end up where we were at in our lives. It made me reflect on my own life and realised that in spite of all the hurdles, challenges, experiences, decisions and amazing moments I’ve had, I have wound up in a pretty good place. Would I have done anything differently in my life if given another chance? Probably not. This helped form the foundation for my main character, Jessica Mason. Regardless of everything she has been through, she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Without a doubt, one of the biggest influences in writing Propositions was my dreams. I can have the most amazing, vivid dreams. Colour, room layouts, fine details and conversations all play out in my head. I often jot down notes about some scenes so I can recall them when needed. Then I start marrying a few of them together with my trusty post-it note plotting board to create interesting story lines.
My own career also influences my writing. I’ve working in the corporate world, had many ups and downs and managed to have a decent career. As a result of this experience, I like to write about kickass, career-oriented women who are quite happy and fulfilled in their lives without a man. They just happen to find one that supports and complements them for a Happy Ever After ending.
Having an intimate knowledge of corporate events, marketing and behind the scenes operations helped me to create my world, my hotel and its grand opening. With the help of my cousin, who is an operations manager for a large hotel chain, he gave me useful in-depth information to help tie in fact with my fiction.

I love to travel and have been fortunate enough to visit many amazing countries and cities across the globe. One of my favourites places in Sydney. I have visited it many times over the years and love the area around Darling Harbour. The restaurants, bars and action around Cockle Bay is amazing. No trip is complete without a stroll across Pyrmont Bridge, having a gelato and a drink or two in one of the numerous bars on offer. Darling Harbour is the main location in Propositions.

I like to use real locations such as towns, cities and landmarks in my stories, and then blend them in with my fictitious elements. All my novels are set in places that I have actually visited to provide that more intimate detail to my readers. In Propositions, Somers Hotel and Gumtrees Winery are pure figments of my imagination.

While I am now a city girl, I grew up in the country. I love horses, fresh mountain air and escaping to the outdoors to regenerate. This reflects in my heroine’s need to escape to the gorgeous Hunter Valley and a vineyard to unwind. I love this area of Australia after having holidaying there. I love Shiraz and I love visiting vineyards. So lots of wine, boutique restaurants and cosy cabin getaways tie in well to my story.

As you can see many elements come in to play when I create my stories. Propositions was an amazing, emotional and sexy novel to write. I hope you enjoy it!


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