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Blog By Tania Joyce

Fact vs Fiction - the love/hate relationship I have with book research.


Book research for romance novels

  One of the most time consuming, can-ignite-the-burning-desire-for-more-accurate-and-in-depth-information, and can take you on a completely different tangent when writing, is research. I have a love/hate relationship with it. While I love discovering new locations, countries, culture, careers, and the psychology behind my new characters, I can also dig myself into a...

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What drove me to DISTRACTIONS?


Distractions by Tania Joyce

Sleep deprivation, life changes and finally listening to my inner self delivered Distractions. Ask me five years ago if I’d write a novel, I would have laughed at you. But after having my second son, I could no longer deny the thoughts multiplying and melding together inside my head. I was...

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My BackStory with AusRomToday - It's all Strictly Business


Tania Joyce Backstory with AusRomToday

I was a guest on AusRomToday to coincide with the release of Acquisitions - Book 2 in my Strictly Business Series. Here's what I had to say:

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Writing Retreat 2016 - goals achieved!


Writing Retreat 2016

This year we opted for a sea change, rather than a tree change for our annual writing retreat. On April 8, 2016 six ladies gathered together at Peppers Soul at Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast for our annual writing retreat. On the twentieth floor, we had uninterrupted ocean views, looking...

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My journey so far as a writer and some advice for aspiring authors


My ongoing journey as a writer

Published in 2015 with Momentum (Pan Macmillan Australia), I never had a life-long dream to become a writer. But once the urge started, it was unrelenting. After having my second son  the stories start popping into my head. I thought I was going crazy until I sat down at the...

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Top 5 highlights from #RWAus15.


Top 5 highlights from #RWAus15.

Romance Writers of Australia outdid themselves yet again with a truly fabulous conference held on Ausgust 21-23 at the Park Hyatt in Melbourne. With a line up of international and local talent, I was thrilled to attend my fourth conference. Whether you are a huge best seller, an emerging or...

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How to create believable settings and locations for your stories. The balancing act of tying fact with fiction.


Creating believable settings and locations for your stories. The balancing act of tying fact with fiction.

Creating worlds that our readers believe in can be one of the biggest challenges in writing. Too much description can be overwhelming and distracting, while not enough makes it hard for the readers to connect to your characters and what’s actually happening. While inside your head your world may be...

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Meet my heroine in Propositions: Jessica Mason


Meet My Heroine in Propositions: Jessica Mason

After working in corporate marketing for many years, I have learned a great deal and have had many ups and downs along the way. My experience has fallen in the mining, IT and insurance premium sectors and I’ve faced many challenges working in a “male dominated” industry. This personal experience...

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Meet my leading man in Propositions - Nate Somers


Inspiration for my Leading Man - Nate Somers

Want to know more about my leading man, my hero, Nate Somers in Propositions.  I started writing the story with someone in mind, but halfway through the book the character became so real to me that I had to find a new muse. Tobais Cameron (Model) came to the party! Propositions...

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9 Tips for Editing Your Manuscript


9 Tips for Editing Your Manuscript

I'm very excited to have my first book published in March this year with Momentum. The team have been fantastic. But boy was the editing process an eye opener. I was expecting to have a few line edits and maybe they didn't like my character's names, but was a little...

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I'm presenting at the Writers Group Convention - Brisbane 19 October


Brisbane Writers Group Convention

I'm excited and honoured to be presenting at the Brisbane Writer's Convention on October the 19th.  This gathering welcomes all writers and writing groups. Whether you're a member of a writing group or not, you will be able to meet others and be inspired by the speakers. Pick up new...

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My wrap up of the RWA Conference - Sydney Olympic Park Aug 7-10, 2014


This was my third RWA conference and yet again it proved to be a mind-blowing, information overloading, fun weekend. The Friday workshop with James Scott Bell was excellent.  His book on Plot and Structure was awesome and to have all that information on the LOCK system, mirror moments, character dialogues, scenes...

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Congratulations Kendall Talbot - Lost In Kakadu is a Ruby Finalist


A huge shout out and congratulations goes out to my buddy, Kendall Talbot, who has been nominated as a finalists for the reader-judged RWA Romantic Book of the Year contest, better known as the Ruby. This is a massive achievement and I will no doubt be popping a bottle or two...

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Writing Resources to Improve Your Craft


With my professional life in corporate marketing, I thought I knew how to write. While my grammar may be good, my spelling near perfect and my motivation to write never ending - I have been continually amazed by the revelations I learn as I continue my venture in novel writing. I...

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