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Adventures With Kendall Talbot - Let's Get Lost In Kakadu


Get taken on adventure with the fun loving Kendall Talbot and "Lost in Kakadu". With rave reviews on her debut novel, Kendall takes a moment out of her busy schedule to tell me about herself and her writing experience.   1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and what genre you...

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Location, Location, Location with Noelle Clark


 Very few people can touch your heart in a special way. Noelle Clark and her beautiful stories is one such person. She takes you on a journey in picturesque locations, throws in some action and of course, the hunky hero. Author of "Let Angels Fly", I caught up with Noelle...

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Romance Writers Conference


Well I had an amazing time in Fremantle at the Romance Writers Association of Australia (RWA) conference. It was great to meet up with friends, make new ones, track down and harass potential publishers and pitch my work to them. The workshops were great. Some inspiring, some though provoking. It is always...

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A Chat With Gillian Lloyd - Organiser of Brisbane Writer's Group Convention


I take a break from my head being lost in my world of contemporary romance to chat with Gillian Lloyd – Flash fiction writer, faithful leader of the Mt Ommaney Night Writers Group and chief organiser behind Brisbane’s first Writers Group Convention to be held in Brisbane on July 27th.

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Meeting Ally Blake


Met Ally Blake - author for Harlequin Mills and Boon today at Mt Ommaney library (June 18, 2013). Her journey to publishing and career in writing was inspirational. Thanks Alley - there's hope for me yet!

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