Boardroom Seductions - Strictly Business Bundle Set

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 TITLE: Boardroom Seductions

SERIES: Strictly Business Bundle Box Set


GENRE: Contemporary Romance

WORDS: 138,000

FORMAT: Ebook 





The women are in charge. The men are a challenge. But behind closed doors, the chemistry sizzles.
The temperature won't be the only thing rising as our businesswomen take on their men in the office, the boardroom, and even in the cellar in these two standalone novels!

Propositions – Strictly Business Book 1

Jessica Mason is at the top of her game in the event management business. After ending a loveless marriage, she's focused on success. When her company wins the account of a lifetime, she’ll do anything to keep her client happy. Anything!

British hotel billionaire, Nate Somers, is determined to rebuild his family’s struggling business and its tarnished reputation - all thanks to his greedy ex-wife, and his father, who's surrounded by scandal. But when he hires Jessica to organise the opening of his new hotel in Sydney, he struggles with his resolve.

Because when the boardroom door closes, the chemistry between them ignites. A secret, no-strings-attached affair tempts them both.

But when Jessica's humiliating past is exposed and fresh scandal hits the headlines, her guarded heart starts to crack. Faced with life-changing consequences, who will make Jessica a proposition she can’t refuse when her business is put in jeopardy?

Acquisitions – Strictly Business Book 2

Kelleigh Johnstone needs a break from the mess and debt her fraudulent ex-boyfriend left behind. A new start and a new project in a different state sounds perfect.

After the death of his wife, it took years for Troy Smith to find his dream job at a boutique vineyard. Tranquil life in the country is all he needs.

But when fiery-tempered Kelleigh blows in to town, his calm is disrupted. Because she works for the company threatening to ruin his vineyard, and he won’t let her win.

Kelleigh and Troy may be on opposite sides of the boardroom table, but when they are together the attraction is undeniable. But their losses are still fresh and painful. When company practices are questioned, and broken hearts are vulnerable, who will risk everything to save the town, and have a second chance at love?



(Exclusive to Amazon and Kindle Unlimited Jan 31- Apr 30, 2018)

BoardroomSeductions 400

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