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Merry Christmas: Newsletter - December 2017

I hope you had a FABULOUS 2017 and look forward to keeping in touch in 2018. I am excited about the year ahead and being able to write more. 

Hold onto your hats for my new 2018 releases. Propositions and Acquisitions are being bundled together to create, Boardroom Seductions - The Strictly Business Series. It will be released in late February. I'm very excited to see this come to fruition. It will be available exclusively on Amazon for the first few months.


Next year, I aim to have the first two books of my Made in New York Series out (tentatively in May and October). Book 1 - The Price of Loyalty, will go into final edits in January and, Book 2 - The Price of Play, is in the process of rewrites and edits. Book 3 - The Price of Fame is still in the plotting phase. I am so excited about this series. My betareaders and critique partners have loved it. I hope you do to.

I wish you a safe and Merry Christmas. I hope Santa brings you lots or presents, good cheer, health and happiness. 

Want to give me the BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVER? If you haven't done so, I would love you to leave a review on Goodreads or Amazon.Com.

Thanks for all your support. See you in 2018.


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