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Presenting at Brisbane Writer's Group Convention

Brisbane Writer's Group Convention

I am so excited to be presenting again at this year's Brisbane Writer's Group Convention

Brisbane is full of creative writing talent with a growing pool of successful authors, making their mark here in Australia and abroad. With a vast quantity of talent yet to be discovered or unleashed, this year’s Brisbane Writer’s Group Convention may be the event you are looking for to help you on your journey.

Are you one of those people thinking about writing a book, have ideas ticking around inside your head, love writing prose or poetry, have that epic saga bursting out of you as you type away on your keyboard or simply would love to write but don’t know where to start? All aspiring, emerging and established authors – young or young at heart, are invited to attend the third annual Brisbane Writers Group Convention on Sunday November, 8th, 2015 at the Enoggera Bowls Club.

Writing groups, marketing experts, editors and successful authors from across Brisbane will be presenting at this event. This is an opportunity for you to improve your craft, meet other writers and industry professionals and connect with other individuals, writing groups and community members.

“Writer’s groups play such an important role in helping authors start on their writing journey. This convention brings many of the writing groups from across Brisbane together under one roof to help celebrate the contribution they make in moulding, establishing and supporting the talent in our community. Writer’s from all different genres and skillsets can come together, tap into a wealth of knowledge and share, listen and be inspired by many local success stories,” says convention co-ordinator, Gillian Lloyd. “This convention aims to connect like-minded people together and for us all to become better writers.”

This year keynote speakers include Tania Joyce, published author with Momentum and marketing consultant. Kylie Kaden, published women’s fiction author with Random House and parenting columnist, Di Hill, blogger and marketing for writers; and Margie Riley, a professional editor.

The Brisbane Writers Group Convention is a unique event where you can listen to successful authors, find out about your local writers groups and how they run their meetings, find ways to stay motivated to keep writing, find critique partners, professional editors and help you mould your masterpiece to reach ‘the end.”

If you are a member of a writing group or looking to find one, this event is for you. With door prizes and a marketing table full of goodies, this event will provide you with inspiration and motivation for you to write.

The Writers Group Convention will be held on Sunday 8th November between 10am – 3pm at the Enoggera Bowls Club, 72 Pickering St, Enoggera. Cost $10 per person
For further information, please visit the website at: http://writersgroupconvention.com  or contact Gillian Lloyd at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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