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Location, Location, Location with Noelle Clark

 LetAnglesFlyVery few people can touch your heart in a special way. Noelle Clark and her beautiful stories is one such person. She takes you on a journey in picturesque locations, throws in some action and of course, the hunky hero.

Author of "Let Angels Fly", I caught up with Noelle and had a chat about how she came up with the exotic location for her novel.


Noelle, why did you set your book "Let Angels Fly" in Cambodia?


My novel, Let Angels Fly, is set against the exotic – yet harsh – backdrop of Cambodia, a country of abject poverty, and with a history which made it an unlikely contender for a romantic location. I fell in love with the happy, kind and friendly Cambodian people on a visit there last year. It’s a country I would like to spend more time in, especially as a volunteer in one of the orphanages.

My heroine, Abbie, does just this! She sets off for the adventure of a lifetime after suffering the pain of rejection. Now free from her, loveless marriage, she digs deep to find the courage to get on with life. Craig, the handsome and charming hero, also bears scars. Together they embark on a journey of renewal and healing.

The magnificent ancient temples of Angkor Wat are the stars of this story. Built for Khmer kings thousands of years ago, the mysterious stone structures have secrets of their own. The setting is perfect for a story of suspense, intrigue, and action.


Abbie finds herself in the midst of a sinister plot which has dire consequences for the ancient ruins. She tries to intervene, but places herself in danger. Meanwhile, romance blossoms for Abbie and Craig, but it’s not a smooth pathway. Abbie’s curiosity draws her in, and very nearly ends up tragically, when Craig tries to help her. The incident forces them to face the reality of their feelings for one another.

In the book, I’ve included a cast of supporting characters who reflect the lovely Cambodian people. They brighten up the story with their quiet charm. The town of Siem Reap, and the nearby Angkor Wat temples, are showcased in this book, faithfully describing places, cultures, and cuisine.

Could I have set this story anywhere else? Possibly, but few countries that I’ve visited have left me so impressed with not only the beauty of the scenery, but also with the inner beauty of the people. My hope is that anyone who reads ‘Let Angels Fly’ will themselves feel the call to visit Cambodia, and see for themselves all that it has to offer.

About Let Angels Fly

When Abbie travels to exotic Cambodia, her goal is to find herself again. She also finds that the local people steal her heart, and she enthusiastically responds. But the mysteries of ancient Angkor Wat also captivate her, drawing her into danger and near tragedy. She unwittingly places her new friend, Craig, in a life and death situation. Abbie experiences utter joy, deep melancholy, and faces her biggest fe ars. But she emerges as a stronger and more confident woman, because of it.


So, what’s next from Noelle Clark?

Rosamanti’ (to be released in December 2013 with Etopia Press)

Sarah seeks solitude and fresh pastures in the wake of her husband’s early death. She answers a newspaper advertisement and takes up residence in Villa Rosamanti, a gorgeous 400 year-old dwelling nestled into the hillside of Monte Tiberio, on the Island of Capri, Italy. She soon discovers a strong resonance with the house, the gardens, and the quirky pets. As the sun-filled days pass in the gorgeous old house, she builds a deep liking for, and rapport with, Elena Lombardi, the deceased owner. But it’s when she meets Pietro, Elena’s grandson, that she finds it’s not just the villa that she’s falling in love with.

Handsome, charming, and the epitome of a passionate Italian, Pietro lets the magic of Rosamanti work its wonders on Sarah. Together they search for ancient treasure, and end up finding each other, their love blooming like the rampant bougainvillea blossoms in the garden at Rosamanti.

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