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A Chat With Gillian Lloyd - Organiser of Brisbane Writer's Group Convention

Brisbane Writers ConventionI take a break from my head being lost in my world of contemporary romance to chat with Gillian Lloyd – Flash fiction writer, faithful leader of the Mt Ommaney Night Writers Group and chief organiser behind Brisbane’s first Writers Group Convention to be held in Brisbane on July 27th.

1: What inspired you to organise such an event?

I want to meet writers from other groups, because I’m sure there is a strong, mostly silent, community creating entertaining stories in Brisbane. This seems to be a good way to start, and maybe release more of that writing into the community.

2: What do you aim to achieve?

I’d love all the attendees to meet and mingle with each other, chatting about writers groups in general and their writing in particular. I’m also hoping everyone can take away some new information and inspiration.

3. Who’s involved?

We have a number of Brisbane Writers Groups involved, with speakers willing to share how their group motivates and supports their members, plus some speakers who have already succeeded in their chosen field.

4. Where and when is the convention on?

It’s on Saturday 27th July 2013 from 12.30 – 4.30pm at the Jagera Arts Centre, 121 Cordelia Street, South Brisbane.

Brisbane Writers Convention

5. Tell us a bit about your self – What do you write? What inspires you?

I have always written – at school mostly short stories (dark and stark!) and after that any sort of writing. Short stories remain my favourite form of expression, especially flash fiction. I write down ideas as they occur to me, and also find inspiration comes from habitual writing. I discovered that I enjoy helping and encouraging others to write, so our Night Writers writing group and the writers workshops that I organise are ideal activities.

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