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Meet my leading man in Propositions - Nate Somers

Inspiration for my Leading Man - Nate Somers

Want to know more about my leading man, my hero, Nate Somers in Propositions.  I started writing the story with someone in mind, but halfway through the book the character became so real to me that I had to find a new muse. Tobais Cameron (Model) came to the party!

Propositions is set among the dazzling lights of Sydney’s Darling Harbour and the gorgeous Hunter Valley Wine Region. Come and find out why Nate Somers from Propositions is the perfect leading man.

About Nate Somers

Son of a British hotel billionaire, Nate Somers is out to please his retiring father and preparing to take over the helm of the company. Nate is all about ‘the business’. A workaholic, consummate gentleman and undeniable British. After recent scandal from the exposure of his father’s affairs, Nate wants to open their new hotel on Sydney’s Darling Harbour with style and flair. Utilizing Jessica Mason’s marketing and event management company for the launch, Nate aims to put the Somers name back into a positive light.

Nate is tall, athletic with stunning blue-gray eyes. When Jessica Mason meets him for the first time she is surprised by how good-looking he is in person. So much better than in his photos!

Nate is unable to deny his attraction towards Jessica; allured by her conduct, intelligence and beauty. She is the first women to capture his attention in a long time. But he’s only in Sydney for six months overseeing the final touches to the opening of the new Somers hotel. His stay is purely temporary. Unable to ignore their chemistry and encounters, Jessica and Nate agree to one steamy proposition.
Sex – no strings attached ... or so he thought!

Tobias Cameroon - my Nate Somers inspiration

Image Source : View Management

Extract: His stomach flexed beneath her fingertips as she ran her hands over every groove. Her mouth watered at the taste of his skin as she snaked kisses down his chest. As she wriggled her body downward she admired the smooth skin across the arch of his hips before she peeled his trunks away. The sight of his nakedness sent a shock of pleasure to her very core.


Tobias Cameroon

Image Source: WhyNotModels

Nate married young at 24yrs old and was bitterly divorced after the birth of his daughter eighteen months later. His ex-wife, Rachael, lives in Singapore and was only ever after his money. Years since his divorce have proven him right. With limited access to see his daughter and work consuming all his time, Nate refuses to fall for another woman. With his constant travel and work commitments, a relationship is the last thing on his mind!

Tobias Cameroon

Image Source: WhyNotModels

That smile should be illegal...

Nate loves strong tea. Yorkshire blend is the best. For years the loose tea-leaf dregs in the bottom of his cup had never changed. They always fell the same way—in lines—indicating travel. But when they start to realign and predict an unwanted future, he denies the tell-tale signs. Regardless of how much he had tried to ignore his grandmother when he was a boy, her silly superstitions and tea-leaf reading antics had become embedded deep within his psyche—whether he liked it or not!

Tobias Cameroon - Inspiration for Nate Somers

Image Source: D’S Damat

My Nate Somers (Thanks Tobias!)

But when Nate meets Jessica, past secrets are revealed that leaves him questioning everything. Hearts, reputation and business are all at risk. Is Nate destined to end up just like his father or will a better proposition come his way?


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