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My BackStory with AusRomToday - It's all Strictly Business

Tania Joyce Backstory with AusRomToday

I was a guest on AusRomToday to coincide with the release of Acquisitions - Book 2 in my Strictly Business Series.

Here's what I had to say:

It’s all … Strictly Business

I’m a late bloomer to writing. I was born with stilettos on my feet, dressed up in business attire and the ambition to make it in the corporate world of marketing. My desire to write novels unexpectedly bubbled to the surface after having my second child. For a long time, I tried to ignore the vivid dreams, images and storylines that formed inside my mind. But they became more intense as each day passed. While on holidays in New York in 2011, I remember telling my friend Katrina I was thinking about writing a book; she laughed at me and thought I’d gone crazy. She wasn’t the only one!

A few months later I had constructed the entire book inside my head. One day while my youngest was asleep, I sat down in front of the computer and started writing. Three months and 131,000 words (now edited down to 83,600) later, Distractions was born. It’s a steamy college romance. Yes … definitely influenced by reflecting on first loves, broken hearts and what life was like before finding my wonderful husband and having kids.

Like many aspiring authors, I wanted validation. I needed to know if my writing was any good or if I was wasting my time. I starting pursuing every avenue to learn what was necessary to be published and improve my writing skills. Discovering the Romance Writers of Australia association and the services, conferences, workshops and support they provide to members has significantly helped me on my journey as a writer.

My career in corporate marketing also influences my writing. I like to write about strong, career-minded woman. Women who are at the top of their game, fight for what they believe in and are rewarded for their hard work. I have drawn on my own experiences from working many years in professional sector. The constant struggles I endured while working in male-dominated industries and with employers who possessed old boys-club mindsets has given me grit determination and I think readers will see that feistiness in my characters.

The dream to be published came to fruition in September 2014 with Momentum Books (Pan Macmillan). Propositions – Strictly Business Book 1, was the second manuscript I had ever written and was published in March 2015. April 2016 saw the release of Acquisitions the sequel. While in September, after a ridiculous amount of rewrites, cuts and edits – Distractions will be available. Now I’m working on a new series set in New York.

I grew up in the country, one hour west of Brisbane, but now I’m a city girl. I have been fortunate enough to travel a lot and love writing about the locations I have visited.

After growing up reading fantasy books, I never expected to wind up writing erotic romance. While the stories keep flowing (along with the shiraz), the sparkle shines (like the sequins I wear) and the passion keeps on driving me, I know I have found my home in romance.

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